When planning a corporate event or promotion, we understand that you want to get the best possible return on your investment. Good planning is usually followed by good results, so the first step is to contact us as early as you can. Many of our products are printed or made to order, and sufficient lead times are essential. Having said that, we have also been known to 'pull an all-nighter' when a client needed something in a hurry.

Over the years we have handled a huge number of events and promotions both large and small, all over the country. We provide a number of services including balloon printing, balloon merchandising and display, product sourcing, theme event decor, poster and banner printing, graphic design and professional display services. And don't forget about our retail party shop of course, based in Kimmage.

We are happy to provide estimates or quotes for the smallest to largest plans. So why not contact us today to discuss your needs? We'd be happy to meet at your location, or we'll buy you a coffee if you feel like getting out of the office!

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